Make Art not War

Art is a part of our society and culture. It is a beautiful way to transmit powerful messages to large masses. I am not the kind of person that is involved in politics, but I consider myself a person that believes in what is right and just. Our today’s society can communicate in ways that we never thought possible, and this allows us to exchange public discourse on serious issues. As a future Graphic Designer, there were many posters that called my attention during inauguration day. Immediately, my eye caught Fairey’s art between the crowd.

Shepard Fairey, and American Street Artist, is the mind behind the famous poster for Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign. It was 2008, and the red, beige, blue stenciled Barack Obama’s face over the word ”HOPE”. Many artists such as Fairey believe that art can be inclusive and diverse and it can be a constant reminder that we the people have the right to be free, borderless, and fearless.

Shepard Fairey’s Hope poster during Barack Obama’s campaign

After Trump’s election to the presidency, Fairey’s voice did not remain silent. The three images are similar to the Obama’s poster, choosing not to feature the incoming president as either a legend or a scoundrel, they demonstrate members of the public that represent marginalized groups in our society.

In an interview with PBS, Fairey mentioned “There is a lot of division right now. Trump is not a healer. The idea was to take back a lot of this patriotic language in a way that we see is positive and progressive, and not let it be hijacked by people who want to say that the American flag or American concepts only represent one narrow way of thinking.”




Fairey is considered a rebel voice in our society. But can you call him rebel only because he believes in what is right? There is no vague trust in his new pictures; the figures don’t make guarantees about what is to come. They comprehend what we need now: PEACE, EQUALITY, AND HOPE TO THE PEOPLE.


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