Fall Vibes at Saint Charles, Missouri

Welcome, fall! Who does not love the colorful leaves falling from the trees? Or the cold but not freezing autumn breezes? Living in the Midwest has taught me that fall is one the most beautiful seasons of all. Missouri is the home of hot summers and cold winters, but fall is something that everyone enjoys.

I was walking through Main Street Saint Charles, and I appreciated every detail of this historic place. French people founded Saint Charles, and their heritage is noticeable in every corner. Main Street welcomes almost a million visitors each year thanks to the beautiful landscapes and history this place offers. I could not help but get my camera before the sun settled down and photograph things I found worth keeping in my portfolio. If you ever visit Missouri or just drive by on a road trip, do not miss this historic place filled with restaurants, festivals, and friendly people.




















*Photos taken by me

*Historic Saint Charles website 



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  1. Fan says:

    Lindas fotos gaby!!! Sigue adelante con tu blog y fuerzas que poco a poco se logrará el éxito! Que Dios te bendiga


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